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Sculpting Silk: Noh Costume Workshop

In association with the Oshima Noh Theatre, Theatre Nohgaku is pleased to host this workshop in Kyoto and Fukuyama, Japan. Lectures and guided tours in Kyoto will be well-known author, scholar and practioner of noh, Monica Bethe. The workshop promises to be an unforgettable experience, providing unique “behind the scenes” access to the world of noh.

The Kyoto component of this workshop will include detailed lectures (in English) on Japanese textiles and costuming as well as guided tours to craftsman and artisan workshops. Although the final schedule is subject to change based on the availability of individual Kyoto artisans, past workshops have featured a visit to the Sasaki noh factory (featuring Meiji-era jacquard looms weaving hand-dyed silk), gold leaf artisans, embroiderers, kimono restorers and dye shops.

After meeting and observing these highly skilled artisans at their work in Kyoto, participants will travel to Fukuyama and attend a noh rehearsal at the Oshima Noh Theatre, and will receive hands-on instruction by professional noh actors in the traditional choreographed process of dressing and being dressed in authentic noh costumes. The limited number of attendees insures that everyone will have ample opportunity to experience first-hand the richness and complexity of this time-honored art.

Professional actors of the Oshima noh family (including noh actress Kinue Oshima and noh actor Teruhisa Oshima) will guide participants in active demonstration of many costumes, their functions and proper use.

The workshop is limited to 8 participants. Early registration highly recommended.

WHAT: Noh Costuming: Sculpting Silk
WHERE: Kyoto - Fukuyama, Japan
WHEN: June 10 – June 18, 2019
COST: ¥100,000

For more information and how to register, please contact:

[OR – ntp.summer.japan "at" gmail "dot" com]