Writing New Noh: Pause Between Silence

Writing New Noh: Pause Between Silence centers on the structure and character of noh’s written texts. Rich in poetic expression and profoundly moving, noh’s poetic style can become an ideal armature for contemporary creative works of theatre, poetry and song. The workshop introduces noh's complex layering of spoken text, sung text, instrumental accompaniment and as an impetus to participants’ own creative work. Past workshop attendees have included award-winning playwrights Erik Ehn, Ruth Margraff and Deborah Brevoort, composer/lyricist Eric Schorr, and poet Lee Ann Brown.

Discussions focus on the form of typical noh plays, including aspects of musical and literary structure as well as noh’s wealth of historic and poetic references. Subsequent discussions focus on the unique challenges of adapting and writing noh for the English language. Participants create outlines for new noh and are guided through the process of creating their own scenes.

WHAT: Writing New Noh: Pause between Silence
WHERE: Tokyo, Japan
WHEN: July 15 – July 19 , 2019
COST: ¥50,000

Tuition includes:
* Participation fee
* Materials for seminars

Tuition does NOT include:
*Transportation, accommodation or daily expenses

The workshop is limited to 8 participants. Early registration highly recommended.

For more information and how to register, please contact us:

[OR – ntp.japan.summer "at" gmail "dot" com]