2019 Workshop Series

In 1917 Irish poet William Butler Yeats published At the Hawk’s Well. Often referred to as a "noh play", Yeats's noh-influenced work served to introduce this powerful and evocative form to Western audiences.

Since 2003 Theatre Nohgaku has hosted workshops for poets, playwrights and other writers, as well as musicians and performance artists to help them better understand Japanese noh, to assist them in using noh in their own artistic pursuits, and to help develop their knowledge and awareness of this complex and beautiful artistic form.

Through previous generous financial and in-kind contributions by the Asian Cultural Council, the National Noh Theater of Japan, Princeton University, New Dramatists, CalArts, Musashino University, The Studio Theatre and Southern Methodist University, Theatre Nohgaku has been able to present various workshops annually and offer an opportunity for English-speaking participants to gain greater knowledge of noh's component arts.

We invite you to join us for any or all of our 2019 Workshop series:

Noh Training Project Japan – Summer 2019
Presented by The Kita School of Noh & Theatre Nohgaku

• Movement and Voice •

Noh Basics: Kata Boot Camp

Master basic noh movement patterns through inventive pedagogy. Traditional noh performers start training as children so that movement is second nature to them. Amateur noh performers often study with a teacher 2 or 3 times a month, developing fluency over a lifetime of practice in a way that resembles martial arts training. Led by Kita School’s sole professional female shite Kinue Oshima, we have developed a 3-day intensive mini-course to give participants confidence in the basics of noh movement and chant, crucial preparation for the following 3-week workshop. (limit 12)

WHAT: Noh Basics: Kata Boot Camp
WHERE: Fukuyama, Japan
WHEN: June 19 – July 21, 2019
COST: ¥25,000

Noh Chant, Movement, Instruments: Power through Resistance

Teruhisa Oshima leads a team of Kita School professionals in an unforgettable 3 weeks of training focused on chant (utai) and dance (shimai). First-time participants will receive an introduction to noh instruments (hayashi ), and returning participants will deepen their focus on chant and drumming. Includes tickets to three professional noh performances. First-time participants: ¥120,000 (includes tuition, two pair of white tabi, rehearsal fan, printed materials and translations, practice wear, pictures of final recital and DVD). Returning participants who already have full practice wear: ¥85,000 (limit 12)

This workshop is physically strenuous and requires frequent kneeling, standing, and sustained concentration. Participants should expect to focus exclusively on the workshop for the full three weeks in order to receive the maximum benefit.

WHAT: Noh Chant, Movement, Instruments: Power through Resistance
WHERE: Tokyo, Japan
WHEN: June 23 – July 12, 2019
COST: ¥120,000 (first time) ¥85,000(returning student)

Tuition includes:
* Participation fee
* Materials for seminars
* Practice fan (for those without one)

Tuition does NOT include:
*Transportation, accommodation or daily expenses

The workshop is limited to 6 beginner participants, and 6 for those with prior experience. Early registration highly recommended.

• Art and Skill •

Noh Costuming: Sculpting Silk

See how noh costumes are made, learn what they mean, and experience how they are worn. Japanese textile expert and noh scholar Monica Bethe serves as guide and Kita School professionals provide costuming lessons in a workshop that features visits to fabric dyers, weavers, and embroiderers, as well as attendance at a professional noh rehearsal and subsequent full performance. (limit 8)

WHAT: Noh Costuming: Sculpting Silk
WHERE: Kyoto - Fukuyama, Japan
WHEN: June 10 – June 18, 2019
COST: ¥100,000

Noh Mask Making: Revealing the Mask

3-week mask making workshop led by master carver Hideta Kitazawa. Participants will create their own noh masks, starting with a woodblock, proceeding through carving and concluding with painting. (includes all materials, plus tuition for chant portion of “Power Through Resistance”) (limit 3)

WHAT: Noh Mask Making: Revealing the Mask
WHERE: Tokyo, Japan
WHEN: June 23-July 12 , 2019
COST: ¥85,000

• Ancient and Modern •

Writing New Noh: Pause between Silence

July 15-19 :
A 5-day intensive writing workshop in the basics of noh structure, designed to encourage participants to write sections of new pieces in their own languages. (limit 8)

WHAT: Writing New Noh: Pause between Silence
WHERE: Tokyo, Japan
WHEN: July 15 – July 19 , 2019
COST: ¥50,000

Experimenting with Noh: Noh Time Is a Presence

This workshop will ask participants to apply techniques they have learned over the course of the workshop to new work. Evening sessions will be dedicated to creating and sharing short pieces. (Tokyo) ¥20,000 (open only to returning participants)

WHAT: Experimenting with Noh: Noh Time Is a Presence
WHERE: Tokyo, Japan
WHEN: July 15 – July 19 , 2019
COST: ¥20,000

All the above workshop fees do not include airfare, ground transportation, housing accommodations or food.

If you need assistance finding accommodation, please contact us!

For more information and how to register, please contact us:

[OR – ntp.japan.summer "at" gmail "dot" com]