On August 9, 2014 at 4 pm Theatre Nohgaku will present Blue Moon Over Memphis at the Alvina Krause Theatre, Bloomsburg PA. This work-in-progress performance is free to the public.

With libretto by New Dramatists alumna Deborah Brevoort, and noh music by Theatre Nohgaku artistic director Richard Emmert, Blue Moon Over Memphis is a stark and beautiful meditation on fame, loss and loneliness. A woman makes a pilgrimage to Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis’s death, but is forced to wait outside the gates. A mysterious man lets her into the Meditation Garden where Elvis is buried, and there, under the light of a blue moon, she encounters a spirit.

Please join us as we break new ground in the short history of English-language noh.
The mythic power of Elvis comes to life through the medium of a traditionally influenced mask, and luxurious costumes recently commissioned from master craftsman in Japan and making their first appearance in the United States.

Blue Moon Over Memphis was developed, in part, with assistance from the Orchard Project, a program of The Exchange.

Recent Performances

With partial support from the Japan Foundation New York, Theatre Nohgaku is happy to be given to opportunity to present workshops and a performance as part of the Hampden-Sydney College Music Series in March, 2012 in Hampden-Syndey Virginia. Led by Artistic Director Richard Emmert, the activities will include the premiere performance of the chamber piece “Atsumori” in Japanese and English.

On March 18th a lecture demonstration will be held to introduce audiences to the fundamental components of noh music including voice and the four instruments (taiko, otsuzumi, kotsuzumi and nohkan.)

On March 19th TN members will visit classrooms and present workshops on a variety of topics related to the Japanese art of noh as well as TN’s work in English. A performance will be held the evening of the 19th featuring several shimai in both Japanese and English, as well as maibayashi. The chamber piece “Atsumori” will be performed as part of a new initiative to present smaller scale productions in both Japanese and English as part of our mission to share noh with new and wider audiences worldwide.

"Pagoda/Takasago" during the 2011 Asia Tour (Oshima Noh Theatre with Theatre Nohgaku):

6月28日 18:00 東京国立能楽堂 NATIONAL NOH THEATRE, TOKYO

6月30日 18:00 京都金剛能楽堂 KONGO NOH THEATRE, KYOTO
(Tickets for Japan performances available from: Tel:03-3373-0553 tickets@theatrenohgaku.org http://www.theatrenohgaku.org)

7月4日 19.15 国家大剧院、北京
No.2 West Chang'an Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, 100031
Tel: +8610 6655 0000 Tickets: (Invitation only)

7月6日 19.45 香港演藝學院 
HK$ 580 – HK$ 150 Tel: +852 31288288 www.hkticketing.com