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Gettysburg, an American Noh
by Elizabeth Dowd
music by David Crandall

Gettysburg is a work that explores the ill-fated friendship between Confederate General Lewis Armistead and Union General Winfield Hancock, shaped by the structure and performance techniques of Japanese warrior noh. The music, which combines harmonica and violin with traditional noh instruments, creates a new soundscape that is both dense and lyrical, challenging and moving. What emerges is an utterly American story that becomes, though the filter of noh, a broader meditation on the unseen wounds inflicted by war.




Text by Allan Marett
Music by Richard Emmert

70 years after the bombing of Hiroshima, Oppenheimer explores universal themes of suffering and remorse through the story of the ‘father’ of the atomic bomb, Robert J Oppenheimer.


Linden Tree

The Linden Tree
Text and music by David Crandall

I wrote the text for The Linden Tree in 1986 and originally scored it for mixed chorus and a chamber ensemble of flute, clarinet, two cellos, marimba and percussion. It was premiered at the Aoyama Enkei Gekijo Theatre in December 1986.



Sumidagawa (Sumida River)
Classical Japanese noh by Motomasa (1401?-1432)
English translation and noh musical/performance adaptation of the Kita school version by Richard Emmert

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