Noh Training Project Tokyo - 2017
Presented by The Kita School of Noh & Theatre Nohgaku

When: June 25-July 14, 2017
Where: Kita Roppeita Memorial Noh Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

How can I take the ordinary tasks of living, and make them extraordinary?
How can I give meaning to life and my art, and yet achieve balance?

The study of noh can be a means to these goals, and a window to progress both personally and professionally.

The Kita School of Noh and international performance group Theatre Nohgaku are pleased to announce an intensive 3-week workshop focusing on one of the world’s most extraordinary forms of theatre. The workshop will feature five hours of training per day in noh chant, dance, and musical instruments, as well as lectures on theoretical and practical elements of noh, including dramatic structure, masks, and costumes. Participants will attend several noh performances. The workshop will culminate in a student recital on the Kita School Noh Stage. All sessions will be conducted in English or in Japanese with English translation.

Program Directors:
Teruhisa Oshima: Shite actor, Kita School
Richard Emmert: Artistic Director, Theatre Nohgaku
John Oglevee: Development Director, Theatre Nohgaku

Cost: ¥50,000 (Early Registration) – for applications received by May 1
¥70,000 (General Registration) – for applications received by June 1
Please note: to be eligible for early enrollment, both application and payment must be received by May 1.

Instructions about payment will be sent upon applicant’s acceptance into the program.
Registration covers the cost of instruction materials, a practice fan, one pair of white tabi, and tickets to noh performances. Air-travel, accommodation, food and local transportation are NOT included.

Accommodation suggestions to suit a variety of needs will be provided upon request.

Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.

For an enrollment application, and further information please contact:

(please click on the above)

The full instructors list, available in April, will include members of the Nohgaku Performers Association in cooperation with members of Theatre Nohgaku.