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Announcing our 2013 Noh Costuming Workshop: June 12-18, 2013, in Kyoto and Fukuyama, Japan. Following a highly successful 2012 premiere, our workshop will include:

Comprehensive lectures (in English) on costuming in noh; guided tours to textile and other facilities, the opportunity to meet and observe highly skilled artisans at their work; an invitation to attend a noh rehearsal (moshiawase,) as well as hands-on instruction in the traditional choreographed process of dressing and being dressed in authentic noh costumes conducted by professional noh actors.

Leading the lectures and guided tours in Kyoto will be well-known author, scholar and practitioner of noh, Monica Bethe. In Fukuyama, professional actors of the Oshima Noh family (including noh actress Kinue Oshima) will guide participants in hands-on demonstration of the many costumes, their functions and proper use. Also participating will be author, long-time practitioner and Theatre Nohgaku founding artistic director, Richard Emmert.

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Quick Facts:

Theatre Nohgaku Noh Costuming Workshop


Kyoto and Fukuyama, Japan


June 12-18, 2013 (arrival June 11, departure June 19)


¥85,000 or US $1100 (US $1135 if by PayPal) includes all lectures, performances, workshops and various other workshop-related activities. Travel, lodging and food are not included, but assistance will be available for arranging hotel accommodations and ground-transport (within Japan.)

To register, or for more information about the workshop (including cost estimates of workshop-related lodging and travel in Japan, etc.,) please contact Tom O'Connor at