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2013-03-16 12:20

TN Newsletter Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4:

In this issue:

in the Poconos
Jonah Salz

"The Look of the Feel"
Michael Gardiner

the 2012 Costume Workshop
David Surtasky

Noh in Books & on Film
Kevin Salfen

TN Newsletter Vol. 7 Nos. 1-2
2012-08-04 15:27

TN Newsletter Vol. 7 Nos. 1-2:
In this issue:

Pagoda the Work,
Pagoda the Collaboration:
Reflections on the 2011 Asian Tour
Kevin Salfen

Ambitious Program Realized at
Hampden-Sydney College
Matthew R. Dubroff

Spring 2012 Noh Music Workshop
in San Francisco, CA
Morit Gaifman

Feature: Atsumori (kuse)
Zeami, translated and adapted by David Crandall

Brown University Hosts Theatre
Nohgaku’s 2012 Writer’s Workshop
Matthew Kelty

“Hen na kanji”:
TN Remembers the 2011 Asian Tour
Kevin Salfen

Newsletter Vol. 6 Nos. 3-4
2012-02-09 12:38

TN Newsletter Vol. 6 Nos. 3-4:

In Memoriam: Mitsuo Kama
An issue dedicated to Mitsuo Kama - remembering a friend and mentor.

Contributors include:
Tom O'Connor
Kinuyo Kama
David Crandall
Elizabeth Dowd
Gulshirin Dubash
Matthew R. Dubroff
Richard Emmert
James Ferner
Michael Gardiner
Morit Gaifman
Greg Giovanni
Colleen Lanki
Joyce S. Lim
Akira Matsui
Hitomi Matsuzaki
John Oglevee
Orpha Phelan
Junko Sakaba
Noboyuki Sugihara
David A. Surtasky
Kokichi Umeno

Our grateful thanks to the above for sharing their thoughts, their memories and their insights.

Newsletter Vol. 6 No. 1
2011-06-18 11:56

2011 Asia Tour: Takasago & Pagoda Cover
Theatre Nohgaku at Boston University by Carrie Preston
1st Noh Music Workshop by Kevin Salfen
Workshop in Bogota by Richard Emmert
In Memoriam: Mitsuo Kama by Tom O'Connor

Newsletter 5.3-4
2011-06-07 21:17

Crazy Jane at BTE by David Surtasky
Notes from the Chorus by Matthew R. Dubroff
Weight of Form by Naoko Maeshiba
Guest Feature: Forrest Coggan's ToYoZa, Theatre of the Far East by Carrie Preston
Interview with Colleen Lanki by Joyce S. Lim

Newsletter 5.1-2
2011-06-07 21:06

An Author Reflects by Jannette Cheong
Advanced Writers Workshop by David Surtasky
8th Annual Writers Workshop by John Oglevee
Interview with Kinue Oshima by David Crandall
Interview with Matt Dubroff by Tom O'Connor

Newsletter 4.4
2011-06-07 20:47

Noh Training Project Celebrates 15 years: Funabenkei by Elizabeth Dowd
A Noh Experience at University of Hawaii: Sumidagawa by John Oglevee
Interviews with Elizabeth Dowd and Rick Emmert

Newsleter 2.2
2011-04-28 14:34

Composing the Music for Crazy Jane (part 2) by David Crandall
Interview with Akira Matsui conducted and translated by Richard Emmert
Preview of the North Carolina School of the Arts Residency by Gary Mathews

Newsletter 2.1
2011-04-28 14:33

Reflections on Kurozuka by Samuel L. Leiter, Akira Matsui, Mitsuo Kama, Ruthmay Hicks
The Glint of Gold and the Shifts of Fashion and Costume Use: The Case of the Surihaku by Monica Bethe
Composing the Music for Crazy Jane (part 1) by David Crandall

Newsletter 1.4
2011-04-28 14:32

Reflections on Kurozuka by Elizabeth Dowd, Matt Dubroff, James Ferner, Gary Mathews, John Oglevee
Hideyoshi and Noh: A performance of Kono Hana by Carolyn A. Morley
Surrounded by Water: My First Noh on the Itsu-kushima Shrine Stage by Howard Hamilton

Newsletter 1.3
2011-04-28 14:31

Kurozuka- A Demoness Play by Richard Emmert
Deception Unveiled with an Added Twist: Props in Kurozuka by Monica Bethe
Releasing the Demon: The Aikyogen Role in Kurozuka by Carolyn A. Morley
A Playwright’s Notes on a Playwrights Noh by Erik Ehn
Torchlight Noh in Bloomsburg by Elizabeth Dowd

Newsletter 1.2
2011-04-28 14:31

Okina—The Ritual Piece of a Ritual Theatre by Richard Emmert
Props and the Staging of noh by Monica Bethe
REVIEW: The Blindman of Kawakami, A Kyogen Play by Carolyn A. Morley
Noh into English: The Knot Remains the Same by David Crandall
Creating a Monster: Theatre of Yugen’s Frankenstein byJohn Oglevee
Report from the Liaison to the Noh Training Project by Elizabeth Dowd

Newsletter 1.1
2011-04-28 14:28

A Noh Stage in Virginia? by Matthew Dubroff
A Letter from the Treasurer by Richard Nichols
A Note From the Liaison to the Noh Training Project by Elizabeth Dowd
Steering Committee News by Richard Emmert & Gary Mathews
2004-2005 Dream Schedule by Richard Emmert
Development News by Greg Giovanni & Gary Mathews
A Welcome from the Editor by Gary Mathews