NAOKO MAESHIBA (Concept/Direction/Performance/Environment design) is a dancer, choreographer, and director. Growing up in rural Japan, she was always drawn to the atmosphere of the people and places. As she studied literature, linguistic anthropology, dance, and theatre, she started realizing the interrelation of body, sensation, language, and place. In 2002, she founded a performance lab KIBISM as a platform to examine the depth of the body and experiment with various forms of perception. Her work pursues truth in abstraction through the interplay of kinetic, auditory, and sculptural elements aspiring to dissolve the boundaries of any kind. Through KIBISM, she has presented over thirty solo and ensemble pieces in the U.S., Europe, and Japan in collaboration with the artists from a diverse cultural and disciplinary background. In 2006, she started her investigation through solo improvisational dance. While exploring the motifs such as “shedding,” “simultaneity,” and “the other” in various environments, she increasingly became curious about the distinction between the facade of things and the truth underneath them. In 2015, she launched a solo project Subject/Object in order to rediscover her “subject” self, the pre-imprinted state of being. As a part of this project, she recently conducted an artist residency at Kud Mreza, Slovenia, unlocking the connection between voice, body, and emotions. Maeshiba’s work has been commissioned by Quest International Visual Theatre and DC Local Dance Commissioning Project, and Dance Place, DC. Maeshiba has received grants from DC Commissions on Arts and Humanities, a Baker Award (2016) and a  Ruby grant (2015) from Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance. She was also awarded individual artist award five times from Maryland State Arts Council in the area of solo dance performance, solo theatre performance, and choreography. She is the director of the MFA program in Theatre Arts at Towson University and a guild-certified Feldenkrais practitioner.