hosted by The University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX

The Music of Noh: Sound and Silence provides the student with the opportunity, rare in the US, to delve deeper into the music of noh. Topics will include: the structure of different shodan (the musico-poetic units of noh); the intricate relationship between utai (chant) and hayashi (musical instruments); each instrument’s role (nohkan, kotsuzumi, otsuzumi and taiko) in noh; how the instrumental parts form a musical whole. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to explore the use of noh’s musical structures in the composition of new works.

The lectures, discussions and demonstrations will be led by Richard Emmert. In addition to being Theatre Nohgaku’s artistic director, Emmert teaches Asian theatre and music at Musashino University in Tokyo. He is also a certified Kita school noh instructor.

Workshop participants will also have hands-on lessons in the different noh instruments. No prior performance experience with noh is necessary; the workshop is open to all who want a deeper understanding of this classical stage art. Librettists, playwrights working with music, spoken word poets, and composers looking to use noh techniques for theatrical performances are especially encouraged to apply.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants. Early registration is encouraged.

WHAT: The Music of Noh: Sound and Silence
WHEN: March 19-22, 2014.
WHERE: Hosted by The University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio TX

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due by February 1, 2014 with the remaining $250 due March 1, 2014.

Tuition includes:
* Participation fee
* Materials for seminars

Tuition does NOT include:
*Transportation, accommodation or daily expenses

For more information, or to register, please contact:

[OR - workshops "at" theatrenohgaku "dot" org]