MORIT GAIFMAN began studying noh at the Noh Training Project in Bloomsburg in 2003, not long after graduating from Columbia University with a degree in musicology. Morit has studied a variety of music and theater performing styles. She is currently a graduate student of ethnomusicology at UCLA where, in addition to fieldwork, she has been learning to play nay (reed flute) with Prof. A. J. Racy, performing as a member of the Near East Ensemble, and has been studying with Prof. Chi Li to perform kun (Chinese) opera. Recently, she has been playing the role of Yang Guifei in excerpts from the opera Chang Sheng Dian ("Palace of Eternal Life"). Morit joined Theatre Nohgaku in 2007, has pursued fieldwork on innovations in noh, and has been experimenting with composing noh-influenced music.