LIBBY ZILBER (Performer) Libby is a Joint Artistic Director along with Lluis Valls and Jubilith Moore for Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco where she began studying Noh and Kyogen with Founder Yuriko Doi in 1986. She has toured nationally with the company and their repertoire of Kyogen comedic plays in English. Experimental fusion productions include Shogo Ohta's Komachi Fuden (chorus/Nurse), a Kyogen-style Waiting for Godot (Estragon), Peter Whigham´s English translation of Sotoba Komachi (Komachi), Janine Beichman´s modern Noh play Drifting Fires (shite), and Erik Ehn´s Crazy Horse/Moon of the Scarlet Plums (Assistant Director/Chorus). As Joint Artistic Director, she spearheaded a collectively created original piece, The Clay Play, created the role of Elizabeth and Monster Bride in Erik Ehn´s Frankenstein and danced the role of the Marlin in Jubilith Moore´s adaptation of The Old Man and the Sea. Libby has also studied with Noh master Akira Matsui and Nohkan flute with Junko Shishido and Richard Emmert.