Author Unknown
Traditional Japanese noh

In honor of the Noh Training Project Bloomsburg's 10th anniversary year, Theatre Nohgaku was invited to perform an outdoor takigi (torchlit) performance of this classic noh play. It was an exciting challenge for our members as it was done in Japanese with only the ai-kyogen (comic interlude) in English. A synopsis of the story follows:

Priests in search of a nights lodging stop at the humble hut of a lone woman in the wilds of Adachi, Japan. She finally lets them in and while spinning thread speaks of her wretched solitude. As she is leaving to gather firewood, she suddenly turns back to the priests and tells them not to look into her inner room. This arouses the curiosity of a servant who, despite the head priest's reprimands, does look in the womans's room and finds piles of bones and rotting corpses. The priests realize this must be the demoness of Adachi, and when they are about to flee, she returns in a rage, now in her demonic form. But finally through the power of their Buddhist prayers, the priests, are able to quell her anger and she disappears. [Richard Emmert]