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Blue Moon Over Memphis, 2018 Tour

Two upcoming 2018 performances of Blue Moon Over Memphis:

University of Michigan
Friday, October 12, 2018 @ 7pm
Power Center for the Performing Arts
University of Michigan performance information and tickets available here!

Monday, October 15, 2018 @ 7:00pm
Glorya Kaufman Hall, Dance Theater
UCLA performance information and tickets available here!


Zahdi Dates and Poppies

On March 25 ~ 31, 2016, the BU Arts Initiative-Office of the Provost, the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program, the Center for the Study of Asia, and the CAS Department of English will host a five-day residency leading up to the world premiere performance of Zahdi Dates and Poppies as well as the English-language adaptation of the Japanese classic Sumidagawa (Sumida River.)


WRM: Call for Papers

Call for Papers:
"Where Rivers Meet: A Symposium"

We invite paper proposals related to any of this project's major themes:

• Noh theater outside Japan and the influence of noh on other forms
• Benjamin Britten and Asian music
• The work of Carmen Tafolla
• Poetic, dramatic, historical, and artistic works related to water
• Art, grief, and spirituality


Where Rivers Meet

Three works combine in the Where Rivers Meet, connecting time and place from ancient Japan to contemporary America: Sumida River, Song of the Yanaguana River and Curlew River.


Blue Moon Over Memphis

On August 9, 2014 at 4 pm Theatre Nohgaku will present Blue Moon Over Memphis at the Alvina Krause Theatre, Bloomsburg PA. This work-in-progress performance is free to the public.

With libretto by New Dramatists alumna Deborah Brevoort, and noh music by Theatre Nohgaku artistic director Richard Emmert, Blue Moon Over Memphis is a stark and beautiful meditation on fame, loss and loneliness. A woman makes a pilgrimage to Graceland on the anniversary of Elvis’s death, but is forced to wait outside the gates. A mysterious man lets her into the Meditation Garden where Elvis is buried, and there, under the light of a blue moon, she encounters a spirit.


2014 Workshop Announcement





講師紹介:モニカ・ベーテ 中世日本研究所所長。能楽、染織研究の第一人者。能楽及び染織に関する論文など著書多数。

主催者 Theater Nohgaku, 大島能楽堂

場 所 京都:中世日本研究所(京都市上京区寺町通今出川上る鶴山町)

日 程 2014年6月11日〜17日

参加費 10万円 (講義、公演、見学、材料、資料代を含む) 旅費・滞在費は各自負担。
    * 申込及び参加費払込締切 4月30日
    * 京都のみの参加も可(6月11日〜13日、参加費3万8千円)

言 語 英語/日本語
問合せ:Theater Nohgaku 中世日本研究所 Tel/Fax. 075-212-1206


2013 Writers Workshop


July 12 - 14, 2013. Hosted at the 92nd St Y, New York, NY

Since 2003, Theatre Nohgaku has hosted workshops for poets, playwrights, musicians and performers to help them better understand Japanese noh and to assist them in using noh in their own artistic pursuits.

The Writer’s Workshop will familiarize participants with the structure and character of noh, a 600-year-old traditional stage art of Japan. By guiding participants toward the writing of their own noh plays, TN is fulfilling its mission as a multi-national theatre company that champions the creation of new English-language noh.


2013 Costume Workshop Announcement

Although the 2013 Costume Workshop is over, please have a look at our blog. The blog contains day-to-day information, reflections, reviews and lots of nice images. Please enjoy!

Announcing our 2013 Noh Costuming Workshop: June 12-18, 2013, in Kyoto and Fukuyama, Japan. Following a highly successful 2012 premiere, our workshop will include:

Comprehensive lectures (in English) on costuming in noh; guided tours to textile and other facilities, the opportunity to meet and observe highly skilled artisans at their work; an invitation to attend a noh rehearsal (moshiawase,) as well as hands-on instruction in the traditional choreographed process of dressing and being dressed in authentic noh costumes conducted by professional noh actors.


Ghost of Atsumori

Bringing the ghost of Atsumori back to life! Our recent performances of Atsumori were a success!

On August 3 & 4, 2012, we partnered with the Noh Training Project in a full production of Atsumori at Bloomsburg Town Park in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Mentored by noh performers Akira Matsui and Kinue Oshima and directed by Richard Emmert, two performances of Atsumori were held free to the public in an outdoor torchlight performance on the banks of the Susquehanna River.


2011 Asia Tour Concludes

Our 2011 Asia Tour of Takasago & Pagoda has successfully concluded.
We were very happy to have been given the opportunity to work so closely with the wonderful people in the Oshima Noh Theatre group during our performances in Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Please have a look at some of the things that people are saying about the tour...

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