Noh Training Project Tokyo - 2018
Presented by The Kita School of Noh & Theatre Nohgaku

Power through Resistance: Noh Chant, Movement, Instruments

Power through Resistance: Noh Chant, Movement, Instruments
Led by Kita School performers in conjunction with professional noh musicians and members of Theatre Nohgaku, participants engage in intensive training in the performance of noh. Each day starts with utai (chant), followed by shimai (dance) and hayashi (instruments). Evening practice sessions give participants an opportunity to hone the skills they are learning, and weekly attendance at performances and recitals provides context and inspiration. The workshop culminates in a recital on the Kita School’s noh stage in Meguro.

This workshop is physically strenuous and requires frequent kneeling, standing, and sustained concentration. Participants should expect to focus exclusively on the workshop for the full three weeks in order to receive the maximum benefit.

WHAT: Power through Resistance: Noh Chant, Movement, Instruments
WHERE: Tokyo, Japan
WHEN: June 24 – July 13, 2018
COST: ¥80,000 ($750)

Tuition includes:
* Participation fee
* Materials for seminars
* Practice fan (for those without one)

Tuition does NOT include:
*Transportation, accommodation or daily expenses

The workshop is limited to 8 beginner participants, and 8 for those with prior experience. Early registration highly recommended.

For more information and how to register, please contact us:

[OR – ntp18tokyo "at" theatrenohgaku "dot" org]