ELIZABETH DOWD began her study of Noh in 1992, studying with Richard Emmert and Omura Sadamu through a Creative Artist Fellowship awarded by the NEA and funded by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission. That experience led her to co-found, with Mr. Emmert, the Noh Training Project at the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, where she has served as Producing Director and faculty over the past nineteen years of its twenty-year history. Through NTP, Elizabeth continued her noh training with Mr. Emmert and with Kita nohshite-kata Matsui Akira, Oshima Kinue. She has studied kotsuzumi with the late Kama Mitsuo and his protégés, James Ferner and Joyce S. Lim. As a Founding Member of Theatre Nohgaku, Elizabeth has performed in At The Hawk’s Well, Pine Barrens, Crazy Jane, Pagoda, Blue Moon Over Memphis, and Sumida River. Through NTP, Elizabeth has performed in fully staged productions of Kurozuka, Funabenkei, Atsumori, and Hagoromo. In celebration of their 20-year collaboration on NTP, Elizabeth and Richard Emmert performed the nochi-ba of Takasago. She has taught noh workshops at universities across the United States. With fellow TN members she has performed noh lecture-demos at the Phoenix Art Museum and Boston University. She has authored an American noh play, Gettysburg, slated for future presentation by Theatre Nohgaku. In addition to her work in noh, Elizabeth is a 38-year member of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, where she acts, directs, teaches, and shares the leadership of the company.