DAVID CRANDALL graduated with a double major in Japanese and music composition from the University of Michigan and went on to do postgraduate work at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music on a Monbusho grant from the Japanese government. He began studying noh chant and dance in 1979 with noh master Sano Hajime of the Hosho school. In 1986 he was admitted as an apprentice at the Hosho Noh Theater in Tokyo, studying with the previous head of the Hosho school, Hosho Fusateru, and working on a professional level until moving to Seattle in 1991. For two years from 2007 to 2009, he returned to Tokyo for intensive study of the instruments of noh with teachers Mitsuo Kama (otsuzumi and kotsuzumi), Hitoshi Sakurai (taiko) and Richard Emmert (flute). While working as a translator, noh performer and workshop lecturer, Mr. Crandall has also been active as a composer and playwright, with an output that includes noh-inspired dance dramas, instrumental pieces, film scripts and scores, and children’s musicals. He is a founding member of Theatre Nohgaku and has participated in many of its tours.