COLLEEN LANKI is a theatre artist based in Vancouver, Canada, where she performs, directs, choreographs and teaches.  She was based in Tokyo for many years where she studied nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance), and holds the professional name Fujima Sayû. She also studied noh and founded Kee Company, a group dedicated to intercultural, collaborative performance, as well as working extensively as a voice actor.  She has recently directed Kishida Rio’s avant-garde masterpiece, Thread Hell, for the University of Hawaii; choreographed and performed in Weaver Woman, based on a magical Korean short story; and had a chapter on dance in Japanese theatre published in the Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre. Colleen is currently working on Kayoi Komachi, a new chamber opera that combines noh theatre with western classical music, and is working on her doctorate at the University of British Columbia.  She is the Artistic Director of TomoeArts, a dance-theatre company committed to interdisciplinary work and Japanese aesthetics.