Two upcoming 2017 performances of Blue Moon Over Memphis:

Williams College
Saturday, March 11, 2017 @ 2pm
CenterStage, '62 Center
Williams College tickets available here!

Earlham College
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Goddard Auditorium
Earlham College tickets available here!

Blue Moon Over Memphis is a noh about one of the first global celebrity casualties, Elvis Presley.

It is also an indictment of the cult of celebrity.

As Elvis turned the music culture of his youth into a commercial product, the entertainment industry turned him into a product. The Elvis brand became the model for leading promising entertainers to the slaughter. A star’s rise and fall became an essential part of our construction of fame, and we came to believe in the necessity of the star’s self-destruction.

Noh is the pathway that leads us from Elvis the brand to a meditation on the relationship between celebrity and humanity. Space and time expand and collapse to allow us to be in the presence of Elvis ~ not as a costumed impersonation, but as an eloquent, complicated, beautiful soul.

Playwright Deborah Brevoort’s text eschews the easy irony that so often characterizes our encounters with Elvis. The poetic brevity of her script and the gravity of noh, featuring a musical score by composer Richard Emmert, leave us in stunned silence, inviting us to look past the pervasive cynicism of our age to perceive a new, humane way of thinking about one of twentieth-century America’s most unforgettable figures.

Blue Moon Over Memphis was developed in part with assistance from the Orchard Project, a program of The Exchange. The performances at Williams and Earlham College made possible by the kind support of the Japan Foundation New York.